Insurance Broker
Salus is an insurance broker firm that provides holistic financial service based on individual needs. According to Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, the information about broker is shown below:

Who are insurance intermediaries?

Insurance intermediaries can be insurance agents or insurance brokers. Insurance companies normally pay commissions to them. A person shall not act both as an insurance agent and an insurance broker at the same time.

For whom do the insurance intermediaries represent?
An insurance agent is the agent of an insurance company who sells insurance products on behalf of that company.
An insurance broker, on the contrary, represents a policy holder or a prospective policy holder and acts on behalf of the policy holder or prospective policy holder in dealing with his insurance needs.

How are insurance brokers being regulated?
Insurance brokers need to be directly authorized by the Insurance Authority (IA) or become a member of either The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (CIB) or Professional Insurance Brokers Association Limited (PIBA). Their technical representatives are required to be registered with the respective bodies. You can check their authorization / registration status or lodge your complaint with the respective bodies.